Space Farm - Egyptology 0.5


 Space Farm is the story of three friends Darrin, Bill and Waleed a love for 80’s NY culture, Egyptian music and a cross-continental business plan that never materialised.

Darrin and Bill grew up in North New Jersey only a few kilometres from NY City. The tag-team both migrated to Boulder, Colorado in the early 90's and armed with an open mind and a bunch of old studio gear they began producing music inspired by 80’s NY, however after a budding friendship began with Egyptian native Waleed they were inspired to start experimenting with Egyptian and Arabic sounds.

Waleed pushed for the release of an Egyptian inspired record saying “it would sell like crazy in Egypt”, that “he would bring it back to Egypt on his next visit and get it to all the right people that need to hear it”. The record got done but, due to circumstances beyond their control it never made it over to Egypt. 


Vinyl and digital release now available through Bandcamp